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Pillar's vision is to provide a work environment where people do what they love and have an opportunity to experience their dreams. We want the brightest, most creative minds in the industry to join us on our journey. Our No Constraints philosophy of diversity offers a seat on the Pillar bus to anyone who is passionate about creative teamwork and delivering meaningful business value. We will encourage our people to focus on action rather than words because we believe that you have to act your way into a new way of thinking rather than talk your way into a new way of acting.

More on the Value of Diversity

At Pillar we strive to have a No Constraints philosophy in turning Ideas into Reality. We believe that lack of diversity in thought, background, and life experience are all constraints on a team's creativity and effectiveness. Constraints on creativity and effectiveness are unacceptable within our company and industry. We have found that when creativity is constrained, innovation is impossible as an output.

We recognize the value in strong diverse teams, and we strive to provide an environment that makes it safe for everyone to express themselves creatively and professionally.

Our diversity and inclusion efforts will therefore focus on:

Aptitude and ability are the primary criteria for employment, promotion, training, and all other benefits. We are continually striving to eliminate all forms of bias through ever-evolving and improving policies and practices.

Pillar defines No Constraints diversity in a way that encompasses more than just the list of legally protected classes detailed for us as an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE). We are always growing in our understanding of diversity. Our current definition includes, but is not limited to: gender, race, color, gender identity, nationality, ethnicity, class, religion, disability, pregnancy, age, size, marital status, sexual orientation, veteran status, political affiliation, and other characteristics that make our employees unique.

If you have questions or comments about Pillar’s commitment to diversity, please send them todiversity@pillartechnology.com.

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We're growing rapidly, and we're looking for the elite to join the Pillar team. Are you a strategist, creative, or technologist looking to work on the coolest projects, at the coolest place on the planet? Let's connect.





Pillar is pleased to announce the expansion of our Apprenticeship Program, starting in January of 2017.

This program combines structured learning with real project experience, allowing apprentices to learn from some of the best minds in software development, engineering practices, consulting, and leadership at Pillar.

We are striving to identify candidates who are passionate, driven learners, with promising growth potential, and some prior knowledge of programming. Upon completion of the Apprenticeship Program, our goal is to help refine their knowledge and skills necessary to become a successful member of one of our teams in a client environment.

Apprentices in this program will receive a salary, PTO and benefits and must be able to work out of one of our Forge locations in Ann Arbor, Columbus, or Des Moines. In addition, a portion of the learning may be onsite at client locations nearby the Forge in which they are working.

Sessions are currently in full swing! But keep checking in, we'll have more opportunities soon.